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  • Unlimited streaming in 4K

  • Live chat enabled during streams

  • Channel subscriptions

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  • All of the Essential benefits

  • Your own merch store set up and managed by us

  • 3 channels for you to go live from at the same time

  • Unlimited storage for recordings

  • Unlimited monthly streaming


  • All of the Essential & Professional benefits

  • 5 channels for you to go live from at the same time

  • Unlimited storage for recordings and uploads

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Gain a Global Following
BeatHubz is the number one music live streaming platform and the only platform in the world that offers you grow strategies LIVE with the creators themselves teaching you what would otherwise take years.
Subscription Plans That Are Proven to Work Across the Globe
With three different plans available, the plans have been carefully crafted to offer affordability and incredible value you will not get anywhere else.
Your Own Private Merchandise Store With Your Branding
Create and sell your own merchandise directly inside of the platform. beathubz pioneered this as a feature that others will try and replicate. Good quality goods delivered globally with a zero set up fee.
Live Chat on All Streams and All Packages
Interact with your viewers with our live chat functionality. Uniquely we have build Beathubz with everyone in mind and created the "1 click to LIVE concept" for viewers. We will always allow your viewers to be 1 link click away to view your streams without having to sign up.
Stay Connected
Your fans can subscribe to your channel to be notified whenever you go live, like your streams and follow you. We have the worlds 1st Beathubz golden Circle growth group for us to share our knowledge and help you grow.
BeatHubz Academy
Join our BeatHubz Academy to learn how to make your livestreams pop. There will be more and more added to this all the time and we will teach you how to grow your global prospects of gigging in the future.

George and Kalvin are alight guys. They have helped me get setup quick and simple. And the Golden Circle.... Wow

DJ Kool Storm

Philly - USA

The Restreaming Feature is great, I was paying more for my restreaming service alone that my Beathubz membership- Its a no brainer

Andy "The Fort Radio"

Portsmouth - UK

Beathubz is the one. I have been a DJ for most of my life and I love how personal this is. What a great idea the way they do things. Well done!

Raffe Bergwall


Frequently asked questions

How long am I tied in for?
All monthly packages work on a 30 day rolling basis and you can cancel at any time from your account.
Do I get my own channel?
Yes! Depending on the package you choose you will get up to 5 channels on your account to go live from at any one time.
Are there any limitations on the 30 day trial?
Nope! You will have access to all the features that a full paid account would have access to!
Can you help me get setup and running?
Yes! We are more than happy to get you up and running and we also have a range of support guides over at too.
How long are my recordings kept for?
If you choose a package that has stream recording enabled then you will have unlimited storage, however recordings are deleted after 90 days.
Can I change the package I originally signed up for?
Yes! You can do so via the billing page at if you already have a package.